Thank you for my reading! When you started off by saying she seemed to be havig trouble breathing, I felt confident that you connected with my love one who had gotten emphysema from smoking for many years. The messages were comforting, and made so much sense to me. 

~Michele H.


I wasn't really sure what to expect, but the things you told me were so true to me. There's no way you could have known the things that you told me, except from hearing them from a loved one of mine. I am still shocked at the accuracy of my messages. Thank you again for this opportunity. You hava gift.

~ Gail S.


You have always been so magical and true with your reading and divine guidance..I truly appreicate your kind gesture for providing this emotional reading opportunity for our ancestors. I was very much able to resonate with your reading. Thank you so much. Love from India

~ Anantikaa R.


I had Michelle at a private event and the ladies who sat with her all spoke of how intuitive, gracious and wonderful she was!!!!

~ Kathy B.

I received my reading last month. it's gave me the answers I was looking for I highly recommend her for Any thing. I'm at peace. thank you :)

~ Kim P.

Clear and accurate reading which answered my anxious questions. She did a 3 spread, analyzing the past present and future. Everything connected and related with my current circumstances which was followed by a message of guidance and reflection. I will be back again! Peace + love 💛

~ Theresa M. 

Thank you for my lovely reading. It will help me focus on my next steps with my family and my career.

~ Lourdes G.

"Beautiful Experience"

Every year I have an annual brunch for seven of my best friends. This year I wanted an enhanced spiritual setting with the goal of preparing ourselves for a fantastic 2024 and reinforcing our bond. By chance I came across Purple Lotus Zen and met Michelle. After our consultation, Michelle knew exactly what I was looking for and she truly knew the assignment. She came over on the scheduled day and only brought positive vibes, creating pureness and hope for 2024. Our goal was to leave the session with motivated minds and hearts to make 2024 our year and she made that happen! Thank you Michelle we look forward to our next session ❤

~Barbara R.